Residential Services

Protect devices and sensitive information from unauthorized use

Our services will help prevent known hacking methods, detect an attack if escapes our prevention tools, and prepare you if an attack gets through

Protect devices and data
help fix existing devices

ensure your existing devices work reliably, intelligently, and securely

It’s important to us that your current devices work as intended. Our specialists will ensure device reliability and strengthen security to reduce risks of cyber crime

design and professionally install custom smart homes

Typically smart home systems connect your devices to the internet with limited security or privacy protection in place, this gives attackers an opportunity to gain access to your smart home. We design smart systems that will protect your home, are easy to use, and harness the power of AI to give you custom automations

smart home system
educate users on technology and security

educate you on how to keep your data and devices secure

We believe knowledge and behavior have a profound impact on how your devices are secured. We provide educational resources, workshops and technology tutoring alongside our other services to provide you with a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and smart home automation


Frequently asked questions by our clients

Call us at (765)-229-2785 — we’ll tell you more about our digital security and smart home services and help you enroll. Ask about our free Security Risk Assessment — we’ll let you know if any of your accounts have been compromised and what you can do to fix it.

Malware is often created by cybercriminals to damage or gain unauthorized access to your device. Cybercriminals will exploit your device’s vulnerabilities so they can extract sensitive information for financial gain. Types of malware include viruses, ransomware, worms, spyware, trojans, adware, and more.

Call us at (765)-229-2785 to learn more about antivirus services.

We customize a system just for you and utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to create efficient automations while protecting your devices from cyber-attacks. Your system will learn and grow over time, determine the most helpful automations for you, and keep your data in your home—not in our server room or cloud.

Unfortunately, no cybersecurity protection service is able to prevent all risk of hacks, data theft, and fraud. But with the combination of multiple advanced services and tools under one company, we are able to closely monitor and alert you to potential threats while preparing you for the possibility of a successful attack.

Call us at (765)-229-2785 to learn more about our cybersecurity and fraud monitoring services.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of a cyber-attack or fraud, please call us at (765)-229-2785. As a HACS customer, a dedicated cybersecurity and fraud specialist will be assigned to assist you every step of the way.