Established in 2021

I have a goal to create meaningful change in today’s digital era. I entered cybersecurity with the belief that our society needs to think, and evolve, as quickly as the technology that we interact with. I founded HACS to educate others on the technology we rely on, support the technical process of cybersecurity automation, and to make this whole process a pain-free improvement on your digital experience.

We are here to create intelligent systems that change how you use technology and to make your devices private, efficient, and secure.

We are a home automation and cybersecurity provider that will make your smart devices more secure. Our services will ultimately ensure your devices, and data, are safe from any outside threats.

Our services include:

  • Protecting devices and sensitive information
  • Creating customized home ecosystems, and professionally installing practical devices to make your home easier to manage
  • Ensuring existing devices work reliably, intelligently and securely
  • Educating you and your family on how to keep your data and devices secure
  • Ongoing system maintenance and support

I look forward to helping you feel safer and less stressed with your technology

Grayson Martis


Make interaction with digital devices less stressful and improve digital experiences by making data more secure


We aim to fundamentally change the technology and cybersecurity industries through intelligent ideas, proper education, and the service we provide to you