We provide IT solutions and manage your smart devices,
so you don't have to

Improve technology in your home or business with our services


Protect your digital assets such as devices and sensitive data from cyber criminals


Smart systems to enhance your technology with automation and customized controls

Data Storage

Data backup, encryption, restoration, and redundancy to ensure your data is safe

Tech Support

Fix your current technical issues and receive ongoing support so you can focus on other things

Don't wait for an attack

Email compromises cost on average $24,439 per case.

Of 1,100 IT professionals surveyed, 90% had clients that suffered ransomware attacks in the past year.

43% of data breaches involved small businesses.

Half of all data breaches globally to occur in the United States by 2023.

Over 50 commercially available IOT devices, like cameras and sensors, share security vulnerabilities.

Why use our services?

With the growing reliance on technology and cybersecurity threats constantly evolving, we launched HACS LLC to:

Easily integrate technical solutions into your current home or business office set-up

Protect your work and private information, keeping valuable data safe from hackers and outside threats

Help your home or office become secure and intelligent across all devices

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